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Our MyAdBooker platform requires cost-efficient low latency and high availability, and we want people who will take ownership and scale it to the next level! As a Java Lead, you will have a crucial role in the development and future of our products, and thus the company. You will: develop and document crucial features with the highest regard for quality; participate directly in architectural discussions with our senior staff; investigate and solve high impact issues and make sure they never happen again; perform code reviews of fellow developers and teach them the meaning of clean code; actively participate in scrum meetings and help your fellow team members; create prototypes using the latest technologies to investigate them for future use.

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Our hiring process

Here’s a brief run-through of what to expect from our hiring process. If you’d like more information or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! 

If we find your CV interesting, we’ll be delighted to reach out and arrange a chat with our HR representative and/or one of our Product Owners. You’ll learn more about the company, our products, the position and they’ll learn a little bit more about you in turn.

You’ll receive an assignment depending on the position you’re applying for. Take your time to show your skills and eye for quality. The assignment is indicative of the type of work you’ll do. The expected submission date is 1 week after receiving the assignment at the latest (let us know if you need more time).

One of our experienced professionals, who you will work with directly, will discuss the project with you and delve deeper into your technical knowledge, approach, and experience.

With all the interviews in the bag, our Director will personally reach out to you for one final chat with a formal offer. Congratulations and welcome to the team!

If you’ve reached this step, then we’ve decided that we like you enough to present you with an offer. Congratulations! Before the final talk, if you haven’t met any other members of the team at our office thus far, you can request an optional chat with some of them, where you can ask anything you haven’t so far – about the company, the team, the projects, and meanwhile, see how you get along.

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