THe team

Our story

For several years we have trailed our way through Europe to find people and an environment that fits our culture and we have found it amongst you in Skopje. We’ve been operating and growing in Skopje since 2018. In July 2022 we opened our own Macedonian office in Debar Maalo and we are looking to expand with people who want to contribute to our vision of future developments of assisting people on the move or to our platforms helping people in need.

With our origin in the Netherlands, we use our small country as a test market for our cross globe operating trading platform. We are operating in the markets for Media, E-Commerce, Mobility, and Energy. Besides these markets we also operate in the social domain with platforms for assisting children with troubled home situations or people that suffer from loneliness. We organize supply and demand through our fully automated platforms. That means we are dealing with real time and high availability systems for which the Skopje and Amsterdam office are in constant contact with each other. Therefore, we believe in operating in the matrix, because complexity requires communication on responsibilities of planning, product design and technical skills.